I have had an odd, indirect path to photography. I studied at Indiana University, went to dental school, and had a bit of a transition. Life’s circumstances led me down a path I hadn’t anticipated, and a camera found it’s way into my fascination. That fascination grew into a quandary, could I make a living using this camera and my newfound skills? 

Photography is about many things to me. My favorite aspect of it is the ability to tell a story. There are pictures hanging on my mothers walls in the house I grew up in that have frozen a certain moment in time. A print is a relic from another time. A view back to your past. Memories fade, and every changes. Booking a session with me is one way to document this time in your life. Whether it be capturing a day with your family, creating a series of images to tell he story of who you are as a High School Senior, or capturing all the magic that is your wedding day, I would love to chat with you about telling your story.

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