Grinstead Wedding

Grinstead Wedding


I had the privilege to document the wedding ceremony for Courtney and Jason a couple weeks back in Shelbyville, Indiana. The wedding was held at the beautiful Coffee Creek Ridge barn. 

It was a perfect day for a barn wedding, clear blue skies and mid 70's all day. 

Courtney looked gorgeous in her dress and Jason was dapper in his tux. Best wishes moving forward guys, thanks for having me out to be a part of the big day! 


  • Venue: Coffee Creek Ridge
  • Caterer: Blue Bird
  • DJ and Officiant: Keith Maddox
  • Hair and Makeup: Katie from Lotus Beauty Bar & Design
  • Florist: Beautiful Beginnings
  • Dress: Posie Patch Bridal Superstore
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Inaugural Post

Welcome to my new blog! I will be occasionally sharing images, stories, information and all kind of other things this upcoming year. One of the things I am going to focus on this year is working more on the story telling aspect of photography. 

That means I am going to be asking you this year to help aid me in this endeavor. Who best has the information to tell your story, than you yourself? I will ask some questions to try to determine what kind of story you want to tell about your family, your Senior, your Wedding or whatever else you have going on in your life.

Does the sound of that make you queasy? Maybe you’re not looking to be interrogated for some photos to hang on your wall? There are times when the creative juices aren’t flowing, I understand. I have many areas I love to shoot at, and a more standard shoot would better suit you. 

So, in the name of fairness, since I’m going to be asking you to tell me about your family, I’m going to share a small window into my world. The world that led me to photography. 

I had one goal during my entire adolescence, well two, to win a high school basketball Sectional, and to be a dentist. I was lucky enough to achieve both (twice for the sectionals, for those keeping score at home). Well, sort of. 

After high school, I attended Indiana University with the goal being to get into the Indiana University School of Dentistry after Undergrad. I went forward through four years with an unwavering approach. I found a major that met almost all the pre-req’s to get into dental school. Of all things, that happened to be Nutrition Science.  Now part of that reasoning might have been a young Ryan’s desire to avoid being a Biology major and taking Genetics, but who can remember the early 2000’s? But my last college years saw me making peppermint ice cream and studying food chemistry (which is surprisingly difficult), so I wasn’t exactly pushing my boundaries. Gearing up towards phase three of my life plan, dental school. Even though I lived in a community rich in vibrant art, I was content to stick to what I knew, which was science and sports. 

What’s the point in all the backstory? Why aren’t I a dentist today? I got in, I finished school. What happened? Well that’s a long, winding story. I’m glad to share all the details with you in person. But a very long story, very short, life interfered with my plans. It happens to many people. It’s difficult to really explain the series of events that closed one door, a door that I had been just millimeters away from stepping through after a very long pursuit, and opened another completely unexpected and exciting new door. But it started in a casino in French Lick, Indiana, after a basketball tournament that I had refereed nearly 20 youth basketball games, heckled by always right parents. A lucky run at at the Craps table gave the funds to acquire my first serious camera. Life is strange to present a new path under such inauspicious circumstances!  

A growing interest in a new toy led to a deeper infatuation and curiosity. That coupled with a growing issue of acquiring my license to practice Dentistry, let me to ask a question. Could I let go of a nagging, chronically aggravating issue that was draining my will, albeit an issue that happened to be a 15 year dream? Could I let go of that, and blindly reach towards a new dream? Could I do that with little less than a camera? Could I do something outside of a lab, outside a clinic, and clearly outside of my comfort zone? Something with which I have no formal training, after I spent eight long years in school training for a completely unrelated profession?

With the aid of great teaching websites, a local community of helpful photographers, and some friends willing to let me practice, I decided it was indeed a dream worthy of letting go of another for. Dentistry will always be a large part of my life. The people I have met in that field will be life long friends. It just wasn’t in the cards for me, for reasons that I doubt I will ever be able to comprehend. But I am thankful to have found something that has grabbed my attention. Something that has reinvigorated my desire to learn, and it gave me something that my frustrations with dental issues had left very low. It gave me hope at a time I needed it. 

So that’s my story. Long and and at times sad, at times happy, and confusing as it is, it’s a part of who I am, how I think, and how I treat others. I would love to meet with you, get to know you and your family and see how we can work together to tell story the story of you and your loved ones. And even more fun, how to show it off for all your friends to see for years and years to come. 

Stay tuned to this blog in the future for behind the scenes of shoots, information about upcoming mini sessions and specials, and my occasional musings about photography, life, and what I’ve been up to lately.